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    • OsLOX1 transcripts were detected at low abundance in immature seeds and newly germinated seedlings, but accumulate rapidly and transiently in response to wounding or brown planthopper (BPH) attack, reaching a peak 3 h after wounding and 6 h after insect feeding
    • In all of the antisense lines and more than half of the sense lines the expression levels of OsLOX1, the levels of enzyme activity, and the levels of the endogenous OsLOX1 products (jasmonic acid, (Z)-3-hexenal and colneleic acid) at 6, 48, and 48 h after BPH feeding respectively, were below the levels found in non-transgenic control plants; yet, the levels in the remaining sense transformants were enhanced relative to controls
    • We produced transgenic rice lines carrying either sense or antisense constructs under the control of a cauliflower mosaic virus 35S promoter, and these rice lines showed altered OsLOX1 activity
    • Transformants with a lower level of OsLOX1 expression were less able to tolerate BPH attack, while those with enhanced OsLOX1 expression were more resistant
    • OsLOX1 is a novel full-length cDNA isolated from developing rice seeds
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