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    • Both overexpression and RNAi silencing of OsPYL6 resulted in enhanced accumulation of ABA in seedlings under non-stress, at least, in part through upregulation of different NCED genes
    • Overexpression of OsPYL6 conferred ABA hypersensitivity during germination and promoted total root length
    • These results showed that OsPYL6 is a key regulator of plant development and drought tolerance, and fine-tuning of its expression is critical for improving yield and stress tolerance in rice
    • RNAi silencing of OsPYL6 also significantly reduced the grain yield under drought
    • ABA receptor OsPYL6 confers drought tolerance to indica rice through dehydration avoidance and tolerance mechanisms
    • Analysis of drought tolerance of OsPYL6 transgenics and WT plants showed that OsPYL6 overexpression enhanced the expression of stress responsive genes and dehydration tolerance
    • Here we report functional validation of ABA receptor OsPYL6 by constitutive and stress inducible overexpression, and RNAi silencing in an indica rice cv
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