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    • Phenotypic analysis of OsPEX11 overexpression seedlings demonstrated that they had better tolerance to salt stress than wild type (WT) and OsPEX11-RNAi seedlings
    • These results provide experimental evidence that OsPEX11 is an important gene implicated in Na(+) and K(+) regulation, and plays a critical role in salt stress tolerance by modulating the expression of cation transporters and antioxidant defense
    • Furthermore, qPCR data suggested that OsPEX11 acted as a positive regulator of salt tolerance by reinforcing the expression of several well-known rice transporters (OsHKT2;1, OsHKT1;5, OsLti6a, OsLti6b, OsSOS1, OsNHX1, and OsAKT1) involved in Na(+)/K(+) homeostasis in transgenic plants under salinity
    • Thus, OsPEX11 could be considered in transgenic breeding for improvement of salt stress tolerance in rice crop
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