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    • Docs1 mRNA was expressed in all tissues including roots, leaf blades and sheaths, and flowers
    • In this work, we report on defective in outer cell layer specification 1 (Docs1), which is involved in the specification of outer cell layers in rice roots
    • Docs1 was isolated by map-based cloning using a mutant (c68) defective in the outer cell layers of primary roots
    • Immunostaining with an anti-Docs1 antibody showed that Docs1 was localized at the epidermis and exodermis, depending on the root region
    • These results suggest that Docs1 might directly or indirectly regulate multiple genes involved in the proper development of root outer cell layers in rice
    • All these observations add new insights into the DOCS1 gene function in gravitropic responses at several stages of plant development
    • Root cone angle is enlarged in docs1 LRR-RLK mutants in rice.
    • Besides the aluminum sensitivity phenotype, both docs1 mutants shared also several root phenotypes described previously: less root hairs and mixed identities of the outer cell layers
    • Moreover, our new results suggest that DOCS1 could also play a role in root cap development
    • We hypothesized these docs1 root phenotypes may affect gravity responses
    • Furthermore, at adult stage, the root gravitropic set angle of docs1 mutants was also affected since docs1 mutant plants displayed larger root cone angles
    • The c68 (docs1-1) mutant possessed a nonsense mutation in the C-terminal part of the DOCS1 kinase domain
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