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    • The corresponding gene PHS9 encodes a higher plant unique CC-type glutaredoxin and is specifically expressed in embryo at the late embryogenesis stage, implying that PHS9 plays some roles in late stage of seed development
    • PHS9 or OsGAP overexpression plants showed reduced, while PHS9 or OsGAP knockout mutant plants showed increased ABA sensitivity in seed germination, suggesting that PHS9 and OsGAP acted as negative regulators in ABA signaling during seed germination
    • Interestingly, the germination of PHS9 and OsGAP overexpression or knockout plant seeds was weakly promoted by H2 O2 , implying that PHS9 and OsGAP could affect the ROS signaling during seed germination
    • Yeast two hybrid screening showed that PHS9 could interact with OsGAP, which is an interaction partner of the ABA receptor OsRCAR1
    • These results indicates that PHS9 plays an important role in the regulation of rice PHS through integration of ROS signaling and ABA signaling
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