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    • OsPDK1 was expressed in leaf blade and leaf sheath but not in callus and root, while OsPDK2 was expressed constitutively in all tissues examined
    • These results suggest that gibberellin modulates the activity of mtPDC by regulating OsPDK1 expression and subsequently controlling plant growth and development
    • Maximum expression of OsPDK1 in leaf sheath was detected by Northern blot analysis when seedlings were treated with 5 microM GA3 for 24 h
    • The beta-glucuronidase (GUS) reporter gene, driven by a 2,067 bp OsPDK1 promoter region fragment, was mainly expressed in the aleurone layer of germinating seed and leaf sheath
    • OsPDK1 was identified as a gibberellin-up-regulated gene using a cDNA microarray
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