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    • We overexpressed both rice and Arabidopsis CFL1 in Arabidopsis thaliana; these transgenic plants showed severely impaired cuticle development, similar to that in cfl1 rice
    • Reduced expression of At CFL1 resulted in reinforcement of cuticle structure
    • Suppression of HDG1 function resulted in similar defective cuticle phenotypes in wild-type Arabidopsis but much alleviated phenotypes in At cfl1-1 mutants
    • The expression of two cuticle development-associated genes, BDG and FDH, was downregulated in At CFL1 overexpressor and HDG1 suppression plants
    • Our results suggest that rice and Arabidopsis CFL1 negatively regulate cuticle development by affecting the function of HDG1, which regulates the downstream genes BDG and FDH
    • CFL1, a WW domain protein, regulates cuticle development by modulating the function of HDG1, a class IV homeodomain transcription factor, in rice and Arabidopsis
    • Biochemical evidence showed that At CFL1 interacts with HDG1, a class IV homeodomain-leucine zipper transcription factor
    • We identified a rice (Oryza sativa) dominant curly leaf mutant, curly flag leaf1 (cfl1), and cloned CFL1, which encodes a WW domain protein
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