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    • Strong overexpression of Cga1 produces dark green, semidwarf plants with reduced tillering, whereas RNA interference knockdown results in reduced chlorophyll and increased tillering
    • In rice (Oryza sativa), the CYTOKININ-RESPONSIVE GATA TRANSCRIPTION FACTOR1 (Cga1) shows increased expression following light, nitrogen, and cytokinin treatments, while darkness and gibberellin reduce expression
    • Coexpression, microarray, and real-time expression analyses demonstrate a correlation between Cga1 expression and the expression of important nucleus-encoded, chloroplast-localized genes
    • Constitutive Cga1 overexpression increases both chloroplast biogenesis and starch production but also results in delayed senescence and reduced grain filling
    • Growing the transgenic lines under different nitrogen regimes indicates potential agricultural applications for Cga1, including manipulation of biomass, chlorophyll/chloroplast content, and harvest index
    • These results indicate a conserved mechanism by which Cga1 regulates chloroplast development in higher plants
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