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    • The lipid transfer protein OsLTPL159 is involved in cold tolerance at the early seedling stage in rice.
    • In addition, down-regulation of the expression of OsLTPL159 in the japonica variety ZH17 by RNA interference (RNAi) significantly decreased cold tolerance
    • Notably, overexpression of another allele, OsLTPL159GC2 , from the recipient parent Guichao 2 (GC2), an indica variety, did not improve cold tolerance, indicating that the variations in the OsLTPL159 coding region of GC2 might disrupt its function for cold tolerance
    • Further sequence comparison found that all 22 japonica varieties surveyed had an OsLTPL159 haplotype identical to IL112 and were more cold-tolerant than the surveyed indica varieties, implying that the variations in OsLTPL159 might be associated with differential cold tolerance of japonica and indica rice
    • Therefore, our findings suggest that the OsLTPL159 allele of japonica rice could be used to improve cold tolerance of indica rice through a molecular breeding strategy
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