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    • Analysis of RMtATP6 mRNA levels suggested that the expression of this gene was induced by stress from sodium carbonates and other sodium salts
    • Transgenic tobacco overexpressing the RMtATP6 gene had greater tolerance to salt stress at the seedling stage than untransformed tobacco
    • These data suggest that the RMtATP6 protein acts as a subunit of ATP synthase, and is expressed in response to stress from several salts, with the other genes coding for the subunits of the same ATP-synthase
    • Identification of a mitochondrial ATP synthase small subunit gene (RMtATP6) expressed in response to salts and osmotic stresses in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
    • A cDNA clone isolated from this library was identified by a homology search as a mitochondrial ATP synthase 6 kDa subunit gene (RMtATP6; GenBank accession nos AB055076, BAB21526)
    • In transformed yeast and tobacco protoplasts, the RMtATP6 protein was localized in mitochondria using the green fluorescent protein (GFP) marker
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