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    • PSRK2 expression was also found to be induced by GA3, and PSRK2 was involved in GA signaling in cereal aleurone cells, and PSRK2 influence the relative length of the second leaf sheaths in seedling stage
    • These results indicate PSRK2 is a component of GA signaling pathway that controls stem elongation by negatively regulating GA responses
    • Phenotype of the loss-of-function mutants, psrk2-DN and psrk2-RNAi, showed that PSRK2 could influence the length of the uppermost and fourth internodes, indicating that PSRK2 might regulate cell division in the intercalary meristems and/or cell elongation in the internodes
    • Moreover, the expression pattern showed that PSRK2 was strongly expressed in the joined-nodes after the start-up of reproductive growth, but undetectable in leaves
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