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    • Subcellular localization demonstrated that OsABCI8 is a chloroplast ABC transporter
    • Besides defects in chloroplast development and chlorophyll biosynthesis, the mutant phenotype is accompanied by a higher accumulation of iron, suggesting that OsABCI8 is involved in iron transportation and/or homeostasis in rice
    • Our results demonstrate that OsABCI8 represents a conserved ABCI protein involved in transition metals transportation and/or homeostasis and suggest an important role of the plastid-localized OsABCI8 for chloroplast development
    • Blocking light from reaching the juvenile leaves and leaf primordia caused chloroplast deficiencies in transplanted tsc1 seedlings
    • TSC1 was upregulated following transplantation, and modulated the iron and copper levels, thereby regulating prolamellar body formation during the early P4 stage of leaf development
    • TSC1 enables plastid development under dark conditions, contributing to rice adaptation to transplantation shock.
    • We found that TSC1 controls plastid development in rice under dark conditions, and functions independently of light signaling
    • Therefore, TSC1 is indispensable for plastid development in the absence of light, and contributes to adaptation to transplantation shock
    • TSC1 encodes a noncanonical ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporter homologous to AtNAP14 and of cyanobacterial origin
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