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    • In this study, we revealed that nucleoporin-coding gene OsSEH1 was a positive regulator of cold stress in rice
    • Physiological assays showed that the activity of antioxidant enzymes showed a significant difference between osseh1 knock-out lines and wild type under cold stress
    • Metabolome analysis revealed that the contents of large-scale flavonoids serving as ROS scavengers were lower in osseh1 mutants compared with wild type under cold stress
    • Transcriptome analysis indicated that the DEGs between osseh1 knock-out lines and wild type plants were enriched in defense response, regulation of hormone levels and oxidation-reduction process
    • In addition, Exogenous ABA application assays indicated that osseh1 lines had hypersensitive phenotypes compared with wild type plants, suggesting that OsSEH1 may mediate cold tolerance by regulating ABA levels
    • Multi-omics approach reveals the contribution of OsSEH1 to rice cold tolerance.
    • Integration of transcriptomic and metabolic profiling revealed that OsSEH1 plays a role in the oxidation-reduction process by coordinately regulating genes expression and metabolite accumulation involved in phenylpropanoid and flavonoid biosynthetic pathway
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