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    • After constructing the loss-of-function mutant OsDWD1(R239A) , we showed that the downregulation of OsNPR1 seen in rice lines overexpressing wild-type (WT) OsDWD1 (OsDWD1(WT) -ox) was compromised in OsDWD1(R239A) -ox lines, and that OsNPR1 upregulation enhanced resistance to pathogen infection, confirming that OsCRL4(OsDWD1) regulates OsNPR1 protein levels
    • The enhanced disease resistance seen in OsDWD1 knock-down (OsDWD1-kd) lines contrasted with the reduced disease resistance in double knock-down (OsDWD1/OsNPR1-kd) lines, indicating that the enhanced disease resistance of OsDWD1-kd resulted from the accumulation of OsNPR1
    • OsDWD1 E3 ligase-mediated OsNPR1 degradation suppresses basal defense in rice.
    • Knock-down and overexpression experiments in rice plants showed that OsDWD1 is a negative regulator of the immune response and that OsNPR1 is a substrate of OsDWD1 and a substrate receptor of OsCRL4
    • Taken together, these results indicate that OsDWD1 regulates OsNPR1 protein levels in rice to suppress the untimely activation of immune responses
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