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    • OsARGOS transcripts were detected in most of rice tissues, particularly in the young tissues, and its expression was induced in rice seedlings by the application of either auxin or cytokinin
    • The expression of OsARGOS in Arabidopsis may activate the signaling pathways that control cell proliferation and cell expansion during the course of plant growth and development
    • Expression of a rice OsARGOS gene in Arabidopsis promotes cell division and expansion and increases organ size.
    • Since the expression of OsARGOS causes organ enlargement, the potential application of this gene through genetic engineering may significantly improve the production of biomass in agricultural practice
    • We also transferred the OsARGOS gene to rice, but the transgenic plants did not show any changes in organ size compared with the control plants
    • It is likely that the function of OsARGOS in organ size control depends on other size regulators in rice
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