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    • Here, we report that the rice (Oryza sativa) homeodomain-leucine zipper transcription factor gene, OsTF1L (Oryza sativa transcription factor 1-like), is a key regulator of drought tolerance mechanisms
    • Overexpression of the OsTF1L in rice significantly increased drought tolerance at the vegetative stages of growth and promoted both effective photosynthesis and a reduction in the water loss rate under drought conditions
    • Importantly, the OsTF1L overexpressing plants showed a higher drought tolerance at the reproductive stage of growth with a higher grain yield than non-transgenic controls under field-drought conditions
    • More importantly, OsTF1L directly bound to the promoters of lignin biosynthesis and drought-related genes involving poxN/PRX38, Nodulin protein, DHHC4, CASPL5B1 and AAA-type ATPase
    • In addition, OsTF1L overexpression enhances stomatal closure under drought conditions resulted in drought tolerance
    • Collectively, our results provide a new insight into the role of OsTF1L in enhancing drought tolerance through lignin biosynthesis and stomatal closure in rice
    • Genome-wide analysis of OsTF1L overexpression plants revealed up-regulation of drought-inducible, stomatal movement and lignin biosynthetic genes
    • Overexpression of OsTF1L promoted accumulation of lignin in shoots, whereas the RNAi lines showed opposite patterns of lignin accumulation
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