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    • Real-time PCR analysis showed that OsFWL4 expression was induced by CdCl2stress in rice seedlings
    • 2-like" (OsFWL) affects Cd resistance in yeast, and OsFWL4 mediates the translocation of Cd from roots to shoots
    • The Cd contents of OsFWL3-, -4-, -6- and -7-transformed Cd(II)-sensitive yeast mutant ycf1 cells were strongly decreased compared with those of empty vector, with the strongest resistance to Cd observed in cells expressing OsFWL4
    • Evaluation of truncated and site-directed mutation derivatives revealed that the CCXXG motifs near the second transmembrane region of OsFWL4 are involved in Cd resistance in yeast
    • These results suggest that OsFWL4 might act directly as a transporter and is involved in the translocation of Cd from roots to shoots in rice
    • The rice "fruit-weight 2.2-like" gene family member OsFWL4 is involved in the translocation of cadmium from roots to shoots.
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