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    • Physiological and biochemical experiments indicated that more cell death occurred in spl36 than the wild type and that plant growth and development were affected in this mutant
    • spl36 displayed spontaneous cell death and enhanced resistance to rice bacterial pathogens
    • These findings suggest that SPL36 regulates the disease resistance response in rice by affecting the expression of defense- and stress-related genes
    • Gene expression analysis suggested that spl36 functions in the disease response by upregulating the expression of defense-related genes
    • SPL36 Encodes a Receptor-like Protein Kinase that Regulates Programmed Cell Death and Defense Responses in Rice
    • We isolated SPL36 by map-based cloning
    • spl36 was more sensitive to salt stress than the wild type, suggesting that SPL36 also negatively regulates the salt-stress response
    • SPL36 is predicted to encode a receptor-like protein kinase containing leucine-rich domains that may be involved in stress responses in rice
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