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    • The ProGER4::GUS reporter line showed that OsGER4 is a hormone-responsive gene involved in various stress responses, mainly confined to epidermal and vascular tissues during CR primordia development and to vascular bundles of mature crown and lateral roots
    • The Germin-like protein OsGER4 is involved in promoting crown root development under exogenous jasmonic acid treatment in rice.
    • Phenotyping experiments with OsGER4 knockout mutants confirmed that this gene is required for CR development under exogenous JA treatment
    • Notable changes in OsGER4 expression patterns caused by the polar auxin transport inhibitor NPA support its connection to auxin signaling
    • A subsequent genome-wide association study and gene expression analyses pinpointed a strong association between the Germin-like protein OsGER4 and the increase in CR number under exogenous JA treatment
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