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    • Furthermore, chloroplasts in the leaf blade of isa3 seedlings were large and pleomorphic
    • We investigated whether ISA3 plays a role in amyloplast development and starch metabolism in the developing endosperm
    • ISA3-green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion protein expressed under the control of the rice ISA3 promoter was targeted to the amyloplast stroma in the endosperm
    • Both overexpression and loss of function of ISA3 in the endosperm generated pleomorphic amyloplasts and starch granules
    • A transposon-inserted rice mutant of isoamylase3 (isa3) contained an increased amount of starch in the leaf blade at the end of the night, indicating that ISA3 plays a role in the degradation of transitory starch during the night
    • Overexpression of ISA3 in the sugary1 mutant, which is deficient in ISA1 activity, did not convert water-soluble phytoglycogen to starch granules, indicating that ISA1 and ISA3 are not functionally redundant
    • These results suggest that ISA3 facilitates starch metabolism and affects morphological characteristics of plastids in rice
    • Systematic analyses of the transgenic rice indicated that co-overexpression of OsBMY4 and OsISA3 not only promoted rice yield and quality, but also improved seed germination and stress tolerance
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