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    • OsC3H10 is predominantly expressed in seeds, and its expression levels rapidly declined during seed imbibition
    • Root-specific overexpression of OsC3H10 was insufficient to induce drought tolerance, while the overexpression of OsC3H10 throughout the entire plant enhanced the drought tolerance of rice plants
    • Our results demonstrated that OsC3H10 is involved in the regulation of the drought tolerance pathway by modulating the expression of stress-related genes
    • The expression of OsC3H10 was induced by drought, high salinity and abscisic acid (ABA)
    • Subcellular localization analysis revealed that OsC3H10 localized not only in the nucleus but also to the processing bodies and stress granules upon stress treatment
    • Transcriptome analysis revealed that OsC3H10 overexpression elevated the expression levels of genes involved in stress responses, including LATE EMBRYOGENESIS ABUNDANT PROTEINs (LEAs), PATHOGENESIS RELATED GENEs (PRs) and GERMIN-LIKE PROTEINs (GLPs)
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