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    • These results indicate that OsRbohI is regulating rice shoot and root growth through ROS signal
    • OsRbohI Regulates Rice Growth and Development through Jasmonic Acid Signal.
    • However, the function of OsRbohI in regulating rice growth is not yet reported
    • More importantly, our RNA-seq analysis and jasmonic acid (JA) treatment demonstrated that OsRbohI regulates rice growth through JA synthesis and signaling pathways
    • Collectively, our results reveal a novel pathway that OsRbohI regulates rice growth and development by JA synthesis and signaling pathway through affecting rice ROS homeostasis
    • In this study, our results showed that knockout (KO) OsRbohI mutants showed significantly shorter shoot and primary roots, along with lower ROS content than those of the control lines; whereas the overexpression (OE) lines displayed contrasting results
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