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    • An ethylene response factor OsWR1 responsive to drought stress transcriptionally activates wax synthesis related genes and increases wax production in rice
    • In addition, OsWR1 activated the expression of the genes-related to oxidative stress response and membrane stability
    • Functional analyses indicated that overexpressing OsWR1 (Ox-WR1) improved while RNA interference OsWR1 rice (RI-WR1) decreased drought tolerance, consistent with water loss and cuticular permeability, suggesting that OsWR1-triggered drought response might be associated with cuticular characteristics
    • Thus our results indicate that OsWR1 is a positive regulator of wax synthesis related genes in rice, and this regulation, distinct from its homology regulator of WIN1/SHN1 in cutin synthesis, subsequently contributes to reduced water loss and enhanced drought tolerance
    • Transcript analysis showed that OsWR1 is induced by drought, abscisic acid and salt, and is predominantly expressed in leaves
    • This rice wax synthesis regulatory gene 1 (OsWR1) is a homolog of Arabidopsis wax/cutin synthesis regulatory gene WIN1/SHN1
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