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    • ONAC063 expression was not induced by high-temperature but highly induced by high-salinity in rice roots
    • The seeds of ONAC063-expressing transgenic Arabidopsis showed enhanced tolerance to high-salinity and osmotic pressure
    • Microarray and real-time reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction analyses showed upregulated expression of some salinity-inducible genes, including the amylase gene AMY1, in ONAC063-expressing transgenic Arabidopsis
    • Thus, ONAC063 may play an important role in eliciting responses to high-salinity stress
    • Tolerance to various environmental stresses conferred by the salt-responsive rice gene ONAC063 in transgenic Arabidopsis
    • The rice cDNA inserted in R08946 encoded a NAC transcription factor, ONAC063
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