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    • To date, the components identified are a symbiosis Leu-rich repeat receptor kinase (SYMRK), DOES NOT MAKE INFECTION2 (DMI2)
    • This view is supported by the recent observation that rice SYMRK restores AM colonization in the L. japonicus symrk mutant
    • In contrast, comparable defense responses against chitin heptamer to the wild type were observed in Ossymrk
    • Bimolecular fluorescence complementation studies demonstrating an interaction between OsSYMRK and OsCERK1 indicate that OsSYMRK may play an important role in switching from immunity to symbiosis through the interaction with OsCERK1 in rice
    • OsSYMRK Plays an Essential Role in AM Symbiosis in Rice (Oryza sativa).
    • The MLD reportedly contributes to symbiosis in Lotus japonicus; however, the contribution of OsSYMRK to AM symbiosis in rice remains unclear
    • AM colonization was mostly abolished in Ossymrk with a more severe phenotype than Oscerk1
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