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    • Furthermore, ultrastructural analysis revealed that ossrlk leaves maintained the chloroplast structure with intact grana stacks during dark incubation; however, the retained green color and preserved chloroplast structures of ossrlk did not enhance the photosynthetic competence during age-dependent senescence in autumn
    • The detached leaves of ossrlk mutant (ossrlk) contained more green pigment than those of the wild type (WT) during dark-induced senescence (DIS)
    • In ossrlk, the panicles per plant was increased and the spikelets per panicle were reduced, resulting in similar grain productivity between WT and ossrlk
    • By transcriptome analysis using RNA sequencing, genes related to phytohormone, senescence, and chlorophyll biogenesis were significantly altered in ossrlk compared to those in WT during DIS
    • HPLC and immunoblot assay revealed that degradation of chlorophyll and photosystem II proteins was repressed in ossrlk during DIS
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