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    • Transient expression analysis showed that OsSQD1 is located in the chloroplast
    • The inhibitory effects of the OsSQD1 mutation were also evident in the development of reproductive tissue
    • Furthermore, OsSQD1 differently affects lipid composition under different Pi regime affects sulfur (S) homeostasis
    • OsSQD1 at the crossroads of phosphate and sulfur metabolism affects plant morphology and lipid composition in response to phosphate deprivation.
    • Together, the study revealed that OsSQD1 affects Pi and S homeostasis, and lipid composition in response to Pi deprivation
    • The root phenotype observation of different OsSQD1 transgenic lines suggests that the knockout/down of OsSQD1 inhibits the formation and growth of lateral roots under different Pi conditions
    • To summarize, the present study demonstrates that OsSQD1 plays a key role in the maintenance of phospholipid and glycolipid composition in Pi-deprived rice roots, which may influence root growth and development under Pi-deprived conditions
    • In this study, the expression pattern of different zones in roots of OsSQD1 in response to different Pi conditions is examined, and it is found that OsSQD1 is highly expressed in lateral roots under Pi-sufficient and -deficient conditions
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