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    • Expression of OsWNK9 in Arabidopsis conferred tolerance to salt and drought stress.
    • The transcript analysis revealed that OsWNK9 was strongly down regulated under salinity, drought and ABA stress in shoots
    • The results indicated that OsWNK9 may regulate salt and drought response in ABA dependent manner
    • Constitutive expression of OsWNK9 in Arabidopsis thaliana imparted increased tolerance to salt, drought, and ABA stress
    • Subcellular localization studies of OsWNK9 showed their presence in the nucleus
    • Co-expression analysis of OsWNK9 in phosphate deficiency and arsenate stress condition predicted various proteins including membrane transporter and transcription factors
    • Protein-protein interaction analysis of OsWNK9 predicted interaction partners with protein kinase and oxidative stress-responsive protein
    • Overexpression of rice OsWNK9 promotes arsenite tolerance in transgenic Arabidopsis plants
    • Taken together, our results, for the first time, provide evidence that OsWNK9 could positively mediate arsenite stress tolerance in plants
    • In the present study, we have characterized Arabidopsis overexpressed lines of OsWNK9 regulated by the constitutive promoter under arsenite stress
    • Moreover, we have performed In silico expression analysis of OsWNK9 under nutrient deficiency and heavy metal stress
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