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    • Expression pattern analyses indicated that OsMDP1 is transcribed mainly in vegetative tissues, including the mature leaf, coleoptile, root-elongation zone, culm internode, and especially the joint region between the leaf blade and sheath
    • OsMDP1 deficiency resulted in shortened primary roots, elongated coleoptiles and enhanced lamina joint inclinations
    • OsMDP1 deficiency resulted in enhanced expression of OsXTR1, which encodes xyloglucan endotransglycosylase, the cell-wall loosening enzyme necessary for cell elongation, and modulated expressions of multiple genes involved in cell signalling and gene transcription, indicating the key negative regulatory role of OsMDP1 in BR signalling
    • A brassinolide-suppressed rice MADS-box transcription factor, OsMDP1, has a negative regulatory role in BR signaling
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