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    • Overexpression of OsGLP3-7 increased plant resistance to leaf blast, panicle blast, and bacterial blight, whereas disease resistance in OsGLP3-7 RNAi silenced plants was remarkably compromised, suggesting this gene is a positive regulator of disease resistance in rice
    • Taken together, our results indicate that OsGLP3-7 positively regulates rice disease resistance by activating JA and phytoalexin metabolic pathways, thus providing novel insights into the disease resistance mechanisms conferred by GLPs in rice
    • Many genes involved in JA and phytoalexin biosynthesis were strongly induced, accompanied with elevated levels of JA and phytoalexins in OsGLP3-7-overexpressing plants, while expression of these genes was significantly suppressed and the levels of JA and phytoalexins were reduced in OsGLP3-7 RNAi plants compared with control plants, both before and after pathogen inoculation
    • Expression of OsGLP3-7 was significantly induced by pathogen infection, jasmonic acid (JA) treatment, and hydrogen peroxide (H(2) O(2) ) treatment
    • OsGLP3-7 was highly expressed in leaves and sublocalized in the cytoplasm
    • OsGLP3-7 positively regulates rice immune response by activating hydrogen peroxide, jasmonic acid, and phytoalexin metabolic pathways.
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