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    • Here we demonstrate that alteration of root system architecture improves drought avoidance through the cloning and characterization of DEEPER ROOTING 1 (DRO1), a rice quantitative trait locus controlling root growth angle
    • DRO1 is negatively regulated by auxin and is involved in cell elongation in the root tip that causes asymmetric root growth and downward bending of the root in response to gravity
    • Introducing DRO1 into a shallow-rooting rice cultivar by backcrossing enabled the resulting line to avoid drought by increasing deep rooting, which maintained high yield performance under drought conditions relative to the recipient cultivar
    • The RDR QTL Dro1 (Deeper rooting 1) was mapped between the markers RM24393 and RM7424, which delimit a 608
    • To clarify the influence of Dro1 in an upland field, the root distribution in different soil layers was quantified by means of core sampling
    • A line homozygous for the KP allele of Dro1 (Dro1-KP) and IR64 did not differ in root dry weight in the shallow soil layers (0-25 cm), but root dry weight of Dro1-KP in deep soil layers (25-50 cm) was significantly greater than that of IR64, suggesting that Dro1 plays a crucial role in increased deep rooting under upland field conditions
    • Dro1, a major QTL involved in deep rooting of rice under upland field conditions
    • Higher expression of DRO1 increases the root growth angle, whereby roots grow in a more downward direction
    • Rice varieties with a high and auxin-mediated transcription of DRO1 in the root tip show deeper and longer root phenotypes and are thus better adapted to drought
    • INDITTO2 transposon conveys auxin-mediated DRO1 transcription for rice drought avoidance
    • In the rice Acuce, which displays DRO1-mediated drought adaptation, the INDITTO2 transposon was found to be inserted at the promoter region of the DRO1 locus
    • Transgenesis-based insertion of the INDITTO2 transposon into the DRO1 promoter of the non-adapted rice variety Nipponbare was sufficient to promote its drought avoidance
    • Allele mining for a drought responsive gene DRO1 determining root growth angle in donors of drought tolerance in rice ( Oryza sativa L.)
    • The information on structural variations in DRO1 gene will be very useful for the breeders, especially in the light of recent breeding programmes on improving drought tolerance using several DTY donors and upland accessions
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