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    • Overexpression of the zinc finger protein gene OsZFP350 improves root development by increasing resistance to abiotic stress in rice.
    • Expression of OsZFP350 was up-regulated by salt, drought and high temperature, indicating that it might be a regulator in response to abiotic stress in rice root
    • The primary root length, the number of adventitious and lateral roots was significantly increased in OsZFP350 transgenic plants when compared to the wild-type
    • In addition, our results also show that the up-regulated OsZFP350 could significantly increase the germination rate of seeds under abiotic stress, and attenuate the heat, salinity and drought stress during the development of rice roots
    • Based on these findings, it could be concluded that OsZFP350 plays a positive role in the adaptability of rice roots to abiotic stress
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