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    • Using a DNA pull-down assay coupled with mass spectrometry, a basic helix-loop-helix (bHLH) transcription factor OsbHLH057 was determined to interact with the AATCA cis-element
    • OsbHLH057 targets the AATCA cis-element to regulate disease resistance and drought tolerance in rice.
    • OsbHLH057 bound to the motif to positively regulate rice disease resistance and drought tolerance
    • Furthermore, overexpressing OsbHLH057 enhanced rice disease resistance and drought tolerance, while knocking out OsbHLH057 made rice more susceptible to pathogens and drought
    • bHLH57 confers chilling tolerance and grain yield improvement in rice
    • OsbHLH057 was highly expressed in the leaf blades and lowly expressed in the roots; it was mainly expressed in the stele and highly expressed in the lateral roots
    • The bHLH Transcription Factor OsbHLH057 Regulates Iron Homeostasis in Rice.
    • Under Fe-sufficient conditions, OsbHLH057 knockout or overexpression lines increased or decreased the shoot Fe concentration and the expression of several Fe homeostasis-related genes, respectively
    • Under Fe-deficient conditions, plants with an OsbHLH057 mutation showed susceptibility to Fe deficiency and accumulated lower Fe concentrations in the shoot compared with the wild type
    • OsbHLH057 localised in the nucleus exhibited transcriptional activation activity
    • Here, we report that OsbHLH057 is involved in regulating Fe homeostasis in rice
    • In addition, OsbHLH057 was slightly induced by Fe deficiency in the shoots on the first day but was not affected by Fe availability in the roots
    • These results indicate that OsbHLH057 plays a positive role in regulating Fe homeostasis, at least under Fe-sufficient conditions
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