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    • We demonstrate that OsOTS1 confers salt tolerance in rice by increasing root biomass
    • High salinity triggers OsOTS1 degradation indicating that increased SUMO conjugation in rice plants during salt stress is in part achieved by down-regulation of OTS1/2 activity
    • In this report, we reveal the Ubiquitin-like Protease (ULP) class of SUMO protease gene family in rice and demonstrate a critical role for OsOTS1 SUMO protease in salt stress
    • Transgenic rice plants overexpressing OsOTS1 have increased salt tolerance and a concomitant reduction in the levels of SUMOylated proteins
    • OsOTS1 is nuclear localised indicating a direct requirement of OsOTS1 dependent deSUMOylation activity in rice nuclei for salt tolerance
    • Knockdown of OsOTS1 gene expression affects root growth by primarily reducing cell size rather than cell division
    • We recently identified the SUMO protease gene family in rice and demonstrated a role for OsOTS1 SUMO proteases in salt stress
    • We reveal that OsOTS1 SUMO protease directly targets the ABA and drought responsive transcription factor OsbZIP23 for de-SUMOylation affecting its stability
    • In this study, we reveal the role of the SUMO protease, OsOTS1 in mediating tolerance to drought in rice
    • OsOTS1 depleted transgenic plants accumulate more ABA and exhibit more productive agronomic traits during drought whilst OsOTS1 overexpressing lines are drought sensitive but ABA insensitive
    • Drought and ABA treatment stimulates the degradation of OsOTS1 protein indicating that SUMO conjugation is an important response to drought stress in rice achieved through down-regulation of OTS1/2 activity
    • OsOTS-RNAi lines show increased abundance of OsbZIP23 and increased drought responsive gene expression while OsOTS1 overexpressing lines show reduced levels of OsbZIP23 leading to suppressed drought responsive gene expression
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