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    • In this study, a rice NAC gene, ONAC045, was functionally characterized, especially with regard to its role in abiotic stress resistance
    • Expression analysis revealed that ONAC045 was induced by drought, high salt, and low temperature stresses, and abscisic acid (ABA) treatment in leaves and roots
    • Together, these results suggest that ONAC045 encodes a novel stress-responsive NAC transcription factor and is potential useful for engineering drought and salt tolerant rice
    • Transgenic rice plants overexpressing ONAC045 showed enhanced tolerance to drought and salt treatments
    • Immunostaining showed that OsNAC45 was localized in all root cells and was mainly expressed in the stele
    • Previous reports have demonstrated that overexpression of OsNAC45 enhances salt and drought tolerance in rice, and that OsNAC45 may regulate the expression of two specific genes, OsPM1 and OsLEA3-1
    • OsNAC45 is Involved in ABA Response and Salt Tolerance in Rice
    • Knockout of OsNAC45 also resulted in more ROS accumulation in roots and increased sensitivity of rice to salt stress
    • Results: Here, we found that ABA repressed, and NaCl promoted, the expression of OsNAC45 in roots
    • Loss of OsNAC45 decreased the sensitivity of rice plants to ABA and over-expressing this gene had the opposite effect, which demonstrated that OsNAC45 played an important role during ABA signal responses
    • Conclusions: These results indicate that OsNAC45 plays vital roles in ABA signal responses and salt tolerance in rice
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