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    • An Al-inducible expansin gene, OsEXPA10 is involved in root cell elongation of rice.
    • Immunostaining showed that OsEXPA10 was localized at all cells of the root tips
    • In the presence of Al, knockout of OsEXPA10 did not alter the Al sensitivity evaluated by relative root elongation, but the root cell wall of knockout lines accumulated less Al compared to those of the wild-type rice
    • Collectively, our results indicate that OsEXPA10 expressed in the root tips is required for the root cell elongation, but that the contribution of this gene to high Al tolerance in rice is small
    • Knockout of OsEXPA10 resulted in a significant decrease in the cell elongation of the roots in the absence of Al
    • OsEXPA10 mediates the balance between growth and resistance to biotic stress in rice.
    • Over expression of OsEXPA10 improved rice growth but also increased susceptibility to BPH infestation and blast attack, while knock-down OsEXPA10 gene expression resulted in reduced plant height and grain size, but also increased resistance to BPH and the blast pathogen
    • OsEXPA10 gene coordinates the balance between rice development and biotic resistance
    • These results imply that OsEXPA10 mediates the balance between rice development and biotic resistance
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