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    • Our results suggest that DWA1 controls drought resistance by regulating drought-induced cuticular wax deposition in rice
    • Putative megaenzyme DWA1 plays essential roles in drought resistance by regulating stress-induced wax deposition in rice
    • Here, we identified a rice gene Drought-Induced Wax Accumulation 1 (DWA1) encoding a very large protein (2,391 aa in length) containing multiple enzymatic structures, including an oxidoreductase-like domain; a prokaryotic nonribosomal peptide synthetase-like module, including an AMP-binding domain; and an allene oxide synthase-like domain
    • A dwa1 KO mutant was highly sensitive to drought stress relative to the WT
    • DWA1 was preferentially expressed in vascular tissues and epidermal layers and strongly induced by drought stress
    • The dwa1 mutant was impaired in cuticular wax accumulation under drought stress, which significantly altered the cuticular wax composition of the plant, resulting in increased drought sensitivity
    • The expression of many wax-related genes was significantly suppressed in dwa1 under drought conditions
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