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    • Here, we demonstrate that the dioxygenase for auxin oxidation (DAO) gene, encoding a putative 2-oxoglutarate-dependent-Fe (II) dioxygenase, is essential for anther dehiscence, pollen fertility, and seed initiation in rice
    • Furthermore, exogenous application of IAA or overexpression of the auxin biosynthesis gene OsYUCCA1 phenocopies the dao mutants
    • Collectively, these data support a key role of DAO in auxin catabolism and maintenance of auxin homeostasis central to plant reproductive development
    • Rice mutant lines lacking a functional DAO display increased levels of free IAA in anthers and ovaries
    • We show that recombinant DAO converts the active IAA into biologically inactive 2-oxoindole-3-acetic acid (OxIAA) in vitro
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