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    • Lamina inclination, coleoptile elongation, and root inhibition assays indicated that rice plants with suppressed expression of OsPRA2 were more sensitive to exogenously applied brassinolide than wild-type plants
    • Mechanistic study uncovered that OsPRA2 inhibited the dephosphorylation of, and thus inactivated the transcription factor BRASSINAZOLE-RESISTANT 1 (OsBZR1)
    • More importantly, OsPRA2 was found to co-localize with and directly bind to rice BR receptor BRASSINOSTEROID-INSENSITIVE 1 (OsBRI1) on the plasma membrane
    • Together, these results revealed a possible working mechanism of OsPRA2 as a novel negative regulator on OsBRI1 and OsBZR1 in the BR signaling pathway in rice, and further extended the knowledge about the regulatory mechanism of rice BR signaling
    • OsPRA2 fine-tunes rice brassinosteroid receptor.
    • Overexpression of OsGAP1 in Arabidopsis resulted in a phenotype mimic to BR-deficiency, implying that the GTPase activity of OsPRA2 is also involved in regulating BR signaling
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