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    • OsPI4K1 transcript levels were detected in a low but constitutive manner in shoot, stem, leaf, spike and root tissues and did not change upon treatment with different hormones, calcium and jasmonic acid (JA)
    • ) cDNA clone, OsPI4K1c, was isolated through screening of a cDNA library constructed from tillering materials
    • However, treatment with salicylic acid (SA) elevated the mRNA level of the OsPI4K1 gene, which suggested the involvement of OsPI4K1 in wounding responses
    • Further comparison with genomic sequences in databases revealed that OsPI4K1c is located at the 3’-end of a putative rice PI 4-kinase coding gene OsPI4K1, and its coding region corresponded to the C-terminal half of OsPI4K1 protein
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