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    • OsGEN-L-RNAi plants lacked mature pollen, resulting from a defect in early microspore development
    • Our results suggest that OsGEN-L plays an essential role in DNA metabolism required for early microspore development in rice
    • RNAi-mediated silencing of OsGEN-L (OsGEN-like), a new member of the RAD2/XPG nuclease family, causes male sterility by defect of microspore development in rice
    • Most of the OsGEN-L-RNAi plants displayed low fertility, and some of them were male-sterile
    • OsGEN-L has a 5’-flap endonuclease activity and plays an essential role in rice microspore development
    • A OsGEN-L-green fluorescent protein (GFP) fusion protein was localized in the nucleus, and the OsGEN-L promoter was specifically active in the anthers
    • In contrast, depletion of OsSEND1 had no effects on plant development and did not enhance osgen1 defects
    • We first investigated the role of OsGEN1 during meiosis and found a reduction in chiasma frequency by ~6% in osgen1 mutants, compared to wild type, suggesting a possible involvement of OsGEN1 in the formation of crossovers
    • Post-meiosis, OsGEN1 foci were detected in wild-type microspore nuclei, but not in the osgen1 mutant concomitant with an increase in double strand breaks
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