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    • The Rice Small Auxin-Up RNA Gene OsSAUR33 Regulates Seed Vigor via Sugar Pathway during Early Seed Germination
    • Here, we observed that disruption of OsSAUR33 resulted in reduced germination rates and low seed uniformity in early germination
    • RNA-seq analysis revealed that OsSAUR33 modulated seed vigor by affecting the mobilization of stored reserves during germination
    • Disruption of OsSAUR33 increased sugar-sensitive phenotypes in early germination, suggesting OsSAUR33 likely affects seed vigor through the sugar pathway
    • One elite haplotype of OsSAUR33 associated with higher seed vigor was identified mainly in indica accessions
    • This study provides insight into the effects of OsSAUR33 on seed vigor in rice
    • OsSAUR33 interacted with the sucrose non-fermenting-1-related protein kinase OsSnRK1A, a regulator of the sugar signaling pathway, which influences the expression of sugar signaling-related genes during germination
    • Disruption of OsSAUR33 increased the soluble sugar content in dry mature grains and seeds during early germination
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