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    • Sequence analysis revealed that the amino-acid sequence of OsIM1 showed 66% and 62% identity with PTOX from tomato ( Capsicum annuum) and AtIM from Arabidopsis, both of which encoded chloroplast-orientated terminal oxidase
    • The Northern blot revealed that OsIM1 was up-regulated by NaCl and ABA treatment
    • RT-PCR analysis indicated that OsIM1 and OsIM2 co-existed in the OsIM transcript pool, and the ratio of OsIM1/ OsIM2 was differentially regulated by salt stress in the salt-sensitive variety and the salt-tolerant varieties
    • A new AOX homologous gene OsIM1 from rice (Oryza sativa L.) with an alternative splicing mechanism under salt stress
    • A differentially expressed OsIM1 gene was isolated from rice salt-tolerant mutant M-20 by differential display
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