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    • These results show that LGG functions at the very early stage of panicle development
    • CRISPR/Cas9-mediated knockout and overexpression of LGG led to longer and shorter grains than wild type, respectively, showing that LGG regulates spikelet hull length
    • Longitudinal cell numbers of spikelet hulls of Lgg, knockout and overexpressed plants were significantly different from those of the wild type, suggesting that LGG might regulate longitudinal cell proliferation in the spikelet hull
    • Taken together, these results suggest that LGG might be a regulator of cell cycle and cell division in the rice spikelet hull
    • The Large grain (Lgg) mutant, found in the nDart1-tagged lines of Koshihikari, is caused by a truncated nDart1-3 and 355<U+2009>bp deletion in the 5’ UTR of LGG, which encodes a putative RNA-binding protein, through transposon display and cosegregation analysis between grain length and LGG genotype in F2 and F3
    • RNA-Seq analysis of 1-mm-long young panicles from LGG knockout and overexpressing plants revealed that the expressions of many cell cycle-related genes were reduced in knockout plants relative to LGG-overexpressing plants and wild type, whereas some genes for cell proliferation were highly expressed in knockout plants
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