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    • OsNHAD is a chloroplast membrane-located transporter required for resistance to salt stress in rice (Oryza sativa).
    • Confocal laser scanning microscopy analysis of OsNHAD::GFP fusion in tobacco leaves shows that OsNHAD resides in the chloroplast envelop
    • Knock-down of OsNHAD by RNA interference led to increased rice sensitivity to Na+, manifested by stunted plant growth, enhanced cellular damage, reduced PSII activity and changed chloroplast morphology
    • Complementation test reveals that OsNHAD was able to functionally restore the Arabidopsis mutant atnhd1-1 growth phenotype
    • These results suggest that OsNHAD possibly mediates homeostasis of sodium ions in the subcellular compartments and tissues of the plants when challenged to salt stress
    • OsNHAD transcripts mainly express in leaves and are induced by Na+ stress
    • In this study, we functionally identified an uncharacterized sodium ion transporter named OsNHAD which encodes a putative Na+ <U+2044> H+ antiporter in rice
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