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    • Silencing of OsGRXS17 in rice improves drought stress tolerance by modulating ROS accumulation and stomatal closure.
    • Gene expression studies showed that OsGRXS17 was present throughout the plant and that transcript abundance increased in response to drought stress and abscisic acid (ABA) treatment
    • Under drought stress conditions, rice plants with reduced OsGRXS17 expression showed lower rates of water loss and stomatal conductance, higher relative water content, and enhanced survival compared to wild-type controls
    • Localization studies, utilizing GFP-OsGRXS17 fusion proteins, indicated that OsGRXS17 resides in both the cytoplasm and the nuclear envelope
    • Further characterization of the OsGRXS17 down-regulated plants revealed an elevation in H2O2 production within the guard cells, increased sensitivity to ABA, and a reduction in stomatal apertures
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