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    • Here, we report the map-based cloning of a QTL, in which the NBS8R gene confers quantitative resistance to Xoo
    • The interaction between NBS8R and XopQ-inducible Osa-miR1876 is partially in keeping with the zigzag model, revealing that quantitative genes may also follow this model to control the innate immune response or basal disease resistance, and may prove valuable in utilizing the existing landraces that harbor the NBS8R gene but with no Osa-miR1876 binding site in rice breeding for bacterial blight resistance
    • NBS8R encodes an NB-ARC protein, which is involved in pathogen/microbe-associated molecular pattern-triggered immunity and whose expression is regulated by non-TAL effector XopQ-inducible Osa-miR1876 through DNA methylation
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