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    • Among the six OsB12Ds, OsB12D1 is one of the major transcripts and is primarily expressed in germinating seed and root
    • Bioinformatics analyses indicated that OsB12D1 is an anoxic or submergence resistance-related gene
    • The mitochondrion-located protein OsB12D1 enhances flooding tolerance during seed germination and early seedling growth in rice.
    • RT-PCR results showed OsB12D1 is induced remarkably in the coleoptiles or roots by flooding during seed germination and early seedling growth
    • This work indicated that OsB12D1 is a promising gene that can help to enhance rice seedling establishment in farming practices, especially for direct seeding
    • OsB12D1 was identified in the mitochondrion by subcellular localization analysis and possibly enhances electron transport through mediating Fe and oxygen availability under flooded conditions
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