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    • Up-regulation of a magnesium transporter gene OsMGT1 is required for conferring aluminum tolerance in rice
    • When a putative rice (Oryza sativa) Mg transporter gene, Oryza sativa MAGNESIUM TRANSPORTER1 (OsMGT1), was knocked out, the tolerance to Al, but not to cadmium and lanthanum, was decreased
    • Taken together, our results indicate that OsMGT1 is a transporter for Mg uptake in the roots and that up-regulation of this gene is required for conferring Al tolerance in rice by increasing Mg concentration in the cell
    • OsMGT1 was expressed in both the roots and shoots in the absence of Al, but the expression only in the roots was rapidly up-regulated by Al
    • OsMGT1 was also expressed in the phloem region of basal node, leaf blade and sheath
    • Here, we show evidence that a rice Mg transporter OsMGT1 is required for the salt-tolerance probably by regulating transport activity of OsHKT1;5, a key transporter for the removal of Na+ from the xylem sap at the root mature zone
    • Knockout of OsMGT1 did not affect total Na uptake, but increased Na concentration in the shoots and xylem sap, resulting in a significant increase in salt sensitivity at low external Mg2+ concentration (20-200 μM)
    • Spatial expression analysis revealed that OsMGT1 was expressed in all root cells of the root tips, but was highly expressed in the pericycle of root mature zone
    • Taken together, our results suggest that Mg2+ transported by OsMGT1 in the root mature zone is required for enhancing OsHKT1;5 activity, thereby restricting Na accumulation to the shoots
    • A magnesium transporter OsMGT1 plays a critical role in salt tolerance in rice.
    • OsMGT1 was expressed in both the roots and shoots, but only that in the roots was moderately up-regulated by salt stress
    • Furthermore, knockout of OsHKT1;5 in osmgt1 mutant background did not further increase its salt sensitivity
    • Investigation of tissue expression patterns revealed that OsMGT1 was mainly expressed in the phloem region; however, Mg deficiency remarkably enhanced its expression in xylem parenchyma and mesophyll cells in shoots
    • OsMGT1 Confers Resistance to Magnesium Deficiency By Enhancing the Import of Mg in Rice.
    • In this study, we identified a Mg transporter gene OsMGT1 that confers resistance to Mg deficiency in rice (Oryza sativa)
    • In conclusion, our results indicate that OsMGT1 plays an important role in rice Mg import and is required for the resistance to Mg deficiency, which can be utilized for molecular breeding of low-Mg tolerant plants
    • Knockout of OsMGT1 resulted in a significant reduction in Mg content and biomass when grown at Mg-limited conditions
    • In addition, overexpression of OsMGT1 increased Mg content and biomass under low-Mg supply
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