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    • When tobacco cells overexpressing OsDLK are synchronised, they exhibit a delayed entry into metaphase, while the later phases of mitosis are accelerated
    • This analysis of loss-of-function mutants in rice indicates that OsDLK participates in cell elongation during development
    • The Minus-End-Directed Kinesin OsDLK Shuttles to the Nucleus and Modulates the Expression of Cold-Box Factor 4.
    • One of these motors, OsDLK (Dual Localisation Kinesin from rice), decorates cortical microtubules but moves into the nucleus in response to cold stress
    • Since OsDLK harbours both a nuclear localisation signal and a putative leucin zipper, we asked whether the cold-induced import of OsDLK into the nucleus might correlate with specific DNA binding
    • These findings are discussed as a working model, where, in response to cold stress, OsDLK partitions from cortical microtubules at the plasma membrane into the nucleus and specifically modulates the expression of genes involved in cold adaptation
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